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Urban Tetris

Efficient Plan vs. Exuberant Volume

2015 | John Mutlow Studio

Efficient housing today is often associated with the idea of tight living spaces that compromise the comfort of each unit to boost the quantity of units packed into the project. To challenge this belief, this design aims to enhance the standard of living spaces by creating a community where each unit is efficient in plan, while comfortable in space. The juxtaposition of a compact floor plan with a generous volumetric space allows each unit to be highly efficient, but also seem spacious with qualities of a town-home living space such as double ceiling height space, increased exposure to the surrounding environment, and maximized lighting opportunities. Part of a six-lot community development, this project is located at the bottom of the development, acting as the exit point of the neighborhood. Given the specific location, this project contributes to the community by providing a daycare for the residents in the neighborhood, where residents can drop their kids off on the way out to work. Two types of floor plans are designed for this project, aiming to tackle and satisfy different lifestyle needs for residents. The two types of units are also designed to interlock with each other, with stacked balconies and a "spine" wall acting as the wet-wall that is connected with every unit.



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