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Ostinato Tower

Sampling x Looping

2017 | Rob Ley Studio

Sampling is a process in which elements such as a beat, an instrument, or a portion are extracted from an artifact (music, objects, buildings), then manipulated into becoming a foundational element in the new artifact. Most commonly used in the production of music, sampling is also a technique that can be used in everyday objects, food, and buildings. This is an investigation in the potential of the term “sampling” in architectural design.

Inspired by the methodologies of musical production, this project began with a sample that is first extracted from an artifact for it's inherent qualities, then distorted to introduce more variation, and lastly looped based on the surface qualities of the sample. The resulting form is then introduced with a secondary system acting as the "mastering" stage of musical production, in this case providing the tower form with a facade system.

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