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This is a housing project located in a site adjacent to the Glendale Metrolink station in Los Angeles, California.

Recognizing the effects of urban sprawl and the dispersed city on urban performance, social equitability and the environment, we take a renewed interest in those early low-density suburban communities closest to the city center and inquire about operative strategies as “urban plug-ins” and “urban patches” to reconsider the areas’ residential density, a newly calibrated density that is higher than those in the immediate setting and one capable of offering the creation of palatable compact neighborhoods, communities and city. Focusing on the idea of bringing the community together, the project was designed to maximize on the public community space. The vertical circulation of this project is grouped together on one side to allow for the public seating space to connect with a shared deck with the neighbor. Units then grow as a resultant of the public space, with studios on the first floor, and 1 bedroom apartments on the second and third floor. Amenities include a 6 parking and an additional guest parking spot, bike storage, laundry room, storage room, and a communal library on the ground floor for the residents to read and store books.


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